About Us

Established in 2009, Fardoole Group is a company that is involved in a number of agro-based enterprises in Somaliland. The company which started the first commercial-size camel ranch was established in 2009. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and holds a valid import/export license from the Ministry of Commerce.

The Founder of this company is Engineer Hussein Ismail Fardoole. Hussein returned to Somaliland in 2005 he purchased 10 lactating camels and established Fardoole Dairy Farm just 50 kilometers outside Hargeisa. Thanks to the strong demand for camel milk in urban areas, Fardoole Group quickly recognized the supply constraints and the opportunity to ramp up operations and bring urban dwellers a reliable and trusted product.

Principally engaged in the agro-business sector, Fardoole Group owns Somaliland’s first commercial-size camel ranch, which is the largest camel milk producer and distributor in the country, as well as a peanut oil production plant. The company’s main office is in Hargeisa and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The company, which also holds a valid import/export license from the Ministry of Commerce, is a sole proprietorship under the exclusive ownership of Eng. Hussein Ibrahim Ismail who, in addition, serves as the company’s CEO—providing oversight in both the technical and administrative management of the company.

The company, under its current structure, supplies the market with 6 products: camel milk, peanut oil, and animal feed products such as grass, peanut meal and DDGS. The milk is sold on a wholesale and retail basis. The company’s major competitors include the pastoral, milk producing companies in and around Hargeisa district and in neighboring regions. As a supplier, the company competes with a number of major kiosks that are scattered across Hargeisa and its surrounding districts. However, due to its superior production approach, the company is significantly outperforming all of its competitors.